I was contacted to tell tales and share pics of my now (ex) vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard that I sold for loadsa money – it was getting too valuable to protect and I had had many good times with it.

The guitar features in Volume IV of ‘Burst Believers’ by Vic Da Pra and David Plues, check on Amazon if interested – not cheap but a great tribute to these beautiful guitars. Page 194 if you come across it anywhere. Mine was a good’un with some associated stories – I used it on both Box of Frogs LPs, as you see from the inset picture it was used to illustrate the legendary Eric Clapton ‘Beano’ guitar.

Which leads me to:

I also had a yen to upgrade my replacement 2002 Les Paul and lo, old pal Gary Grainger from Rod Stewart’s band called to see if I was interested in a 1960 True Historic Gibson L.P he was moving on.
I was – and after an afternoon of guitarist anorak gossip I drove home with a new/old guitar! It’s fab- have a dekko at the picture.

R 60