2018-19-what happened?

Another year of live gigs with the renewed Equals – The excellent Nathan Boyce Watson came in as our new singer and added keyboards Mark Haley have given the band a huge shot in the arm- jaunts to Germany,France and Belgium and, after 25 years, the UK!

Plus Trembling Wilbury excursions to Butlins and Vauxhall Park seaside weekends where a few thousand people relive their youth , also London gigs. Imitating various guitar styles from Jeff Lynne to George Harrison is still fun 🙂

Commitment clashes prevented me from playing with legend Terry Reid this year but we at least met up, which was nice.

My ‘Drawing Horses’ album has been selling and to my amazement everyone has liked and been very complimentary about it. There’s a link to the Bandcamp page to access it on the home page here.
Fascinating to hear comments and comparisons (I hadn’t thought I sounded like George Harrison for instance!) The nearest that I aspire to (and I wish!) -would be a Don Henley album.One day.
While on that subject, I have at last finished a video for a different version of one of the tracks -it was recorded fairly live acoustically with added fiddle-and I love the fact it’s almost like a bonus track . There’ll be news of its ‘release’ on here so watch this space…..