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And so it arrives…


Hi, Y’all.

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet but last year was pretty difficult for almost everyone it seems.
From half the music/acting world popping their clogs to closer friends and acquaintances all having personal challenges, I was not exempt.
Various bureaucratic events, plus health issues culminating in a successful benign brain-tumour operation , meant that I had to unfortunately put my completed album release on the back burner.
Hence the 2015 date on the CD!
I promised myself to get pro-active in the new year and DRAWING HORSES is now available via Band camp , there is a link on here.
It was a joy to make, a large learning curve, and necessary for me to up my singing game somewhat,
but I’m really happy with the end product.
So far the response has been startlingly favourable all round and folk have dug into their pockets and bought it!
Thank you all that have and I hope that more will join the queue 🙂

Cheers, Dzal.

Drawing Horses Album Available

What’s going on?

Between bureaucratic necessities for the release of my album I’ve been out playing with Jo Burt in the West Country -where people really DID dance on the tables-and a mico tourette in the Midlands with the Trembling Wilburys which was great fun.

The excellent Roadhouse club in Birmingham run by lovely folk and a theatre in Stamford,Lincs -a beautiful town that personifies England! But a cold drive back to London. Brrrr. The in between hotel although clean and comfortable seemed to find billing 7 separate breakfasts a challenge 🙂

Been playing some acoustic guitar in the studio for my pals  album which demanded very simple picking in an almost naive style that is quite hard to do when you’ve practised for years to handle more complicated stuff!
It works well though.

Next up is more Trembling gigs over Easter….

Out and About

A couple of friends play with – amongst others – a fine covers band called The Way Back so I drove out to Hertfordshire to catch up and see them play. They were really good, quite an esoteric set from 10cc through Crowded House to Zep’s Kashmir. I was particularly impressed by ‘Ramble on’ 🙂
Unfortunately being buffeted and barged by an increasingly drunker crowd  lessens the fun so I decided to retire early and run for home!

It’s only Rock & Roll

A trip into the glittering West End of London of course ended up trawling around the music shops of Denmark St .  Getting trapped in Wunjo Guitars found me trying out- and here’s the list –
‘ 63 Candy Apple and ’55 s/burst strats, snips @ 26k and 20k respectively! a 73 Les Paul de Luxe (my favourite necks) , ’66 J50,  70s J45, a 58 J45, 71 D18 and a ’67 00028. Cor.
Verdict? the 55 Strat had tone for days and the J50 had that resonant bass that vibrates your chest as you play.Yummy.

I got out before I got tempted 🙂

While my guitar gently weeps…

My new SO favourite band the Bros. Landreth have just been touring here. They are stunning. Singer and guitar/ man Joey Landreth is amazing and the whole show blows me away. If you can imagine elements of Derek Trucks/John Hiatt/The Band/Eagles/Bonnie Raitt-you get the picture 😉
I had to go twice for extra rations!
I also sailed down to London’s Bush Hall, a lovely old Victorian chandeliered room, to see Ethan Johns, a talented producer (Tom Jones recent roots excursions) who had a great combo and some West Coas-tish Americana in Neil Young vein. And some nice tunes.
Sad news about Sir George Martin, a true legend whose work will long be remembered.

Gotta album

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