Drive (Martin/Horn)

One day, the last straw- became the weight she could no longer bear

The old man- still sleeping, in a stupor- empty bottles line the stair

No more creepin’ case(less) he hears

No more biting back the tears

A little voice inside says: grab the keys and gun the engine-


Drive – feel the free wind in your hair

Let the motor take you where

No-one know s your name , shed your skin and start again

Drive -‘til the hurt is gone

Drive where the pain is back beyond

No-one’s gonna know where your’e from or where you go


Looking back, she sees, from a distance, what a fool she must have been.

Eating dirt- from his table- just like begging crumbs of someone else’s dream.

Put your foot down , spin the wheels

Nothing dragging at your heels

What’re you waiting for? Crack a smile, and gun the engine




M/8 {D Once ypu start to feel the { G} freedom

{D}There is nothing you can’t {G} do

{C}A thousand chances – you will {g[see them

Am)Seize your destiny(G/B)Clear that screen you’ll see(C)No-one crowding out the view



( CH, crescendo) So (Drive) ‘til the sunset’s gone,switch the headlights on, thru’ the dead of night,’til you feel alright


(drive) Toward a brand new day, put the past away, watch the road unfold, the future’s there so let her roll ! ( Slide solo!!)