I Can Wait   (D. Martin)

Need your love girl, but you keep turning me down

But I’ve got this feeling that you’re gonna come round

I’ve got patience, ain’t but a fool rushes in

World’s gonna turn a little, just might change everything

I’m gonna sit here on this suitcase, passport in my hand

I can get to where you’re going-anywhere you land

I can wait babe until you come around

Hey baby, I can wait ‘til the sun grows cold

I can wait until the moon grows old

I can wait until the lights  go dim

I can pace outside your window, ‘til my shoes wear thin

I know you’re with another, but boy the time will come

Come to your senses, realise that I’m the one

I can wait girl– until you come around

M8.    Do you think that I give in that easy

Do you think that I’m as crazy as a mule

Do you really think that I could ever hurt you

Maybe baby, you are being the fool – but I can wait.