Northern Girl.  (D.Martin)

Thought you’d try your luck down south, take a chance and leave the smoking countryside behind-it tries to own you.

Fell on your feet, met a whole new crowd-laughing, talking,

Music loud, it beats the siren’s wail-has that outgrown you?

Riff x2

Met some guy, said he’d make you a star-you fell for the line, and you fell so hard, oh it all seemed right, you moved in next day.

But the nights are long when you’re on your own and you spend your time by the telephone waiting for a call-it don’t Work that way.

Northern girl when you hit the city, you gotta be strong

The safest place may be right back where you  belong.

Riff x 4 solo

There’s a thin red line where it gets so tough, your self respect says you’ve taken enough so you packed your bags-you moved out next day.

On the long train home with your shattered pride, it’s a

Pretty short trip but a mighty long ride for a prodigal girl-

Who just lost her way.

Riff x 2

Now(As) the sunset lies on the factory floor, your brain is aching from the constant roar but your lesson’s learnt-it wasn’t a waste

Just a northern girl tried to make a break, so-called friends said a big mistake but at least you tried-you had a taste.

Northern Girl,(It’s a viscious city) when you fight the city, you’ve gotta be strong.The safest place to be is back where you belong.