Scared        (D.Martin/V.Horn)

V.1 If I said to you, what is going through –my


Told you how I feel-would it catch you by surprise?

Is there some thing there, a spark to flare,

From an ember to a flame?

You see I need to know, I’d hate to let you go

Then find you felt the same.

V.2 Life’s a speck of time, it’s too brief to waste-hiding

Feelings we have held inside, when just a word could set them free.

Maybe you’re afraid, well I’m scared too, to make a move.

Although I want to run-( I know) nothing’s ever won

By being afraid to lose

M8.It’s not too late to whisper now

It’s not too late to say it right out loud

So I’ll be the one, I’ll take the chance

And risk it all- to lead the dance..

V.3 Now I’ve showed my hand, made my little stand- praying, that I haven’t read it wrong,

Was it just to tantalise?

Now what’s said is done, no place to run

My soul is bared.

You see I have to know

Couldn’t stand to see you go

I’ve never felt so Scared.

Maybe I have to seize this moment

Maybe you will turn and walk away

But if we never say ,the words to make a change

We give the game away…OR

There are chances waiting to be taken

There are choices waiting to be made

Sometimes a road only leads to nowhere

But if we miss the sign we’ll only lose our way.( to be worked on!)