SOMEBODY LEFT ME © D.Martin 2011-02-17

Oh, just yesterday I heard someone left the world

Oh another soul is flying

Somewhere there’s loss and pain, in one eye blink -life has changed

Somewhere someone else is crying

It hurts(kicks in) like a hammer blow, the echoes still from years ago – Be a brave boy I was told.

An aching throat that couldn’t speak, glistening eyes trying not to weep

I am only twelve years old.

Somebody left me, all on my own

Somebody left me alone

Somebody left me- again, all by myself

Somebody left me- they’re gone

There again, that’s a slamming door, sound I’ve heard many times before

Another girl is leaving.

Tried her best but it got too hard-‘that boy’s got an iron heart’

But underneath I’m grieving

Doesn’t anyone understand there’s a boy inside this man,who’s still afraid of shadows in the dark.

Cos I know what forever means, it’s when you’re gone and I’ll never see- you again

So I have to stay on guard.. ‘cos

Somebody left me all on my own

Somebody left me alone

I’ll never get over it, never get over it

Cos I’m left wondering….why?