Hi, Y’all.

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet but last year was pretty difficult for almost everyone it seems.
From half the music/acting world popping their clogs to closer friends and acquaintances all having personal challenges, I was not exempt.
Various bureaucratic events, plus health issues culminating in a successful benign brain-tumour operation , meant that I had to unfortunately put my completed album release on the back burner.
Hence the 2015 date on the CD!
I promised myself to get pro-active in the new year and DRAWING HORSES is now available via Band camp , there is a link on here.
It was a joy to make, a large learning curve, and necessary for me to up my singing game somewhat,
but I’m really happy with the end product.
So far the response has been startlingly favourable all round and folk have dug into their pockets and bought it!
Thank you all that have and I hope that more will join the queue 🙂

Cheers, Dzal.